This page compiles the rare information about Shalane McCall who played the character Charlotte (Charlie) Wade in the world's most famous soap opera Dallas. Little is known about Shalane who once was a promising teen celebrity but then dediced to leave show business forever.

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Shalane McCall Dallas #254: The Son Also Rises

scene with Shalane McCall in Dallas episode #254 (The Son Also Rises; Season 11),Charlie has problems with kids at school because of Jenna living with Ray. Ray talks to her to help, but the discussion turns into a different direction.

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Shalane McCall Dallas #254: The Son Also Rises

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Well... it's been almost a year since I started to revamp the page and I have to admit I haven't done very much...

But... today after updating all the outdated modules, I have also added a video gallery which lists some of the videos with Shalane that are available on youtube. In case you haven't seen the videos, be sure to watch the three parts of Shalane's modeling video Modeling... what it takes - with Shalane McCall which have been ripped from the video tape of the 80s.

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Finally, finally, finally I initially installed Drupal to revamp the Shalane McCall Appreciation Page.

Originally I wanted to leave the page as it existed now for over a decade as a monument of Web 0.x technology, but on the other hand, the page was really ugly and it just had to be improved. I will copy/merge all previous content into the new page within the next couple of days. You may still reach the old page at but note that the links back to the index page do not work as they point directly to Use your browser's back button instead of the "Index" link.

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