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Finally, finally, finally I initially installed Drupal to revamp the Shalane McCall Appreciation Page.

Originally I wanted to leave the page as it existed now for over a decade as a monument of Web 0.x technology, but on the other hand, the page was really ugly and it just had to be improved. I will copy/merge all previous content into the new page within the next couple of days. You may still reach the old page at but note that the links back to the index page do not work as they point directly to Use your browser's back button instead of the "Index" link.

(I wanted to keep the revamped page unpublished until I finished copying/merging of most of the content, unfortunately, there is either a bug in Drupal or the CKEditor that I am using which creates strange side effects if the new page is not reachable under This is the reason why I had to publish the new version already as I need to make the necessary additions without having to hassle around with this bug.)

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Charlie wade was the hottest

Charlie wade was the hottest teen star in history period. I loved the old Dallas and really hoped she would make an appearance in the new series but with its untimely demise we will never know.

Chances she will ever appear

Chances she will ever appear in a TV show are below zero, unfortunately.

Shalane's friend Lisa

Hi! Shalane use to be one of my Best friends years ago. We were little girls and we'd go to the malls buying stickers, I would go with her to her casting calls...and Pageants. She use to live on my street, I have lots of pictures of us as little girls. Would love to reconnect with her again, and just started to search for her. I learned she is not in acting anymore. I hope she is doing well. Please let her know her friend Lisa on Kes$&* St, would love to say Hi. I have so much to share with her if I could.
I'll come back on this page periodically to check for a reponse.
Have a great day!

Shalane in my wedding

Shalane was in my wedding, she was our flower girl and I have some beautiful pictures, that I can email you to use on your page. So does my friend, who I will send the link to your page. I have no idea on where she is, ut I wish her well

That would be very nice. Use

That would be very nice.
Use the Contact button to get in touch with me to get my email address.

How can i get in contact with

How can i get in contact with Shalane? Facebook Twitter?
Aldo from Germany

Not at all. Shalane has

Not at all.
Shalane has completely withdrawn from the public. Unfortunately.


I love this woman

I watch Dallas everynight with my wife. I watched it when i was a kid and had a major crush on this girl. I still get those crazy feelings when i see her to this day acting in Dallas.
Vic from Indiana