TV Carreer

  • 1983 - 1988: Dallas; character name: Charlotte ("Charlie") Wade; the final episode with Shalane is #268 ("Dead Reckoning"; season 11)
  • 1988: The New Hollywood Squares (Game show); guest appearance; epsiode date 31 October 1988
  • 1988: Super Password (Game show); guest appearance
    • Shalane was by far the most wittiest person in this show although she was the youngest of the four candidates.
      At the beginning of the show all the candidates were asked what they were doing. Since Shalane's acting in Dallas was over at that time she simply replied:

      "I just am. Thank You!"

  • 1988: Modeling: What it takes - with Shalane McCall; herself
  • 1985: Still the Beaver (aka The New Leave it to Beaver); character name: Nicole (the fantasy prom date of the young guy on the show); episode "Junior Prom"
  • (year unknown): Silver Spoons
    • Shalane appeared in one epsiode of this TV series some time before she started to act in Dallas. I guess, it must have been around 1982 (so she was about 10 years old). I don't know the name of the episode but this the (short) plot: The star on the show (played by Ricky Schroeder) had a crush on a cute girl and thought that she had a crush on him too. But to the end of the show he found out that she was 'going steady' (whatever that means in this age) with another boy. He was very disappointed (imaginable) but accepted an offer from his dad to go to a hamburger restaurant. When he entered, he saw that girl (played by Shalane) and become irritated instantly (no miracle :-). Then the episode was over.


Hi, I believe the Silver Spoons episode is in season 1 and episode 5 (Takin' a Chance on Love).

Thanks. It was never screened

Thanks. It was never screened over here, so there was no way for me to verify it.